Top Mistakes in Healing Cancer

Top Mistakes in Healing Cancer

Having Cancer is absolutely frightening and exhausting. But, in order to help the Cancer heal from your body, certain things MUST be done. Unfortunately, too many people end up succumbing to their illness. Mostly due to the toxic chemicals of chemotherapy and radiation; both can cause cancer in the future. Here are some big mistakes which I have seen people making that fail to heal from Cancer:

1. Changing Your Diet: This is the first and most important step to healing from Cancer. Most Oncologists will tell you that diet doesn’t matter because they were not trained in nutrition in medical school. However, diet definitely matters. Improper diet is what led to Cancer in the first place. If you continue to eat sugar laden and processed foods when you have cancer, your chances of recovery will be slim to none. Sugar makes cancer proliferate at exponential levels, so if you think you can continue eating the same junk you ate prior to your diagnosis and heal, you are sadly mistaken. Your diet must be overhauled completely even after you are healed from Cancer. Once you are healed, you always need to be mindful of your diet. If you go back to eating the same way you ate prior to Cancer, Cancer will come back.

2. Removing the Toxins: Cancer carries a lot of toxic effects throughout the body that need to be removed through proper detoxification. Now, if you are trying to heal by adding chemotherapy and radiation, you are adding more toxins to your already toxic body. No matter if you are using a traditional approach or alternative healing, detoxification is imperative to proper healing. You need to remove the toxins from the body in order of the colon, candida, parasites, kidney, and liver to heal properly. I have seen many people that refuse to detox the body and still expect to be healed completely. Leaving the toxins in the body can lead to many other diseases and cancers down the road.

3. Mixing/Changing Healing Protocols: Many with Cancer will try anything to get well, naturally so. However, many alternative health protocols may be incompatible with one another. So, it is important to do the research to make sure that the alternative protocols you are using are compatible with one another. I have also noticed that people with cancer will also change healing protocols very rapidly if they notice they aren’t working immediately. Sometimes it takes awhile to heal and you need to be patient and give the protocol time to work.

4. Taking Drugs: I have unfortunately witnessed many people in the end stages of Cancer who begin taking the pain killers that doctors prescribe. These toxic drugs add to the toxins within the body and can stop the liver from doing its job of removing toxins. These toxic drugs end up being the catalyst that leads to a quicker death. Try a safer method of relieving the pain from Cancer. Did you know that coffee enemas help to rid the body of pain and remove the toxins from the liver?

These 4 mistakes are what I see most often with people who do not survive Cancer. In order to heal Cancer and keep your body healthy; Change your diet, detoxify the body, stick to a specific plan for healing, and don’t add toxic chemicals to the mix.


Tamara St. John


  1. Kevin Estis


    Thank you for this article.
    I am being treated for multiple myeloma. I take 25mg. of Revlimid 21 days a month, I get an injection of Bortezamid once a week. I had 3 rounds of intravenous chemo with no more scheduled and suffered no noticeable side effects. I also take a steroid, dexamethasone once a week.

    What do you recommend for detox?

    I eat organic produce & whole grain much of the time. lean proteins. very little sweets, mostly fruit. Water is my primary drink. Any suggestions?

    • tamarastjohn

      I am not a doctor and cannot tell you what to do personally. All of the detoxes are located in chapter 6 of my book and explain how to detox properly and in detail.

    • esther wright

      My uncle was healed of multiple myeloma several years ago by eating tumeric (fresh or in powedered form) You can also take supplements as long they as include pepper. There is clinical research that indicates tumeric kills cancer cells in people with MM. Try it.

  2. Darlene Edison

    hello Tamara ,
    I have been sick for a long time and I have been too seven different doctors and they found nothing wrong with me. My body is not lying to me and I knew this so I went to a Natural path and she told me I have liver cancer !!! My pH is about 5 every morning and throughout the day and the pain is terrible !!!
    I don’t know what to do, can you give me some advice please !!!
    Thanks so much
    God Bless

  3. Susan

    I have same,, multiple myeloma cancer, but my doctor told me, no meds for that, just chemotherapy, when the time comes,,, why is that?

  4. Bongi


    Thank you for your website. I have advanced cervical cancer. I do not have health insurance. So I have already started with the natural treatment as I won’t afford chemo and radiation. I have changed my diet and just started coffee anemas. Will keep ypu posted. I feel much better and hope for the best.

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