If you have used Alternative Methods to help heal yourself of Cancer or any health challenge, Please submit your testimonial to help others through their challenge. 

     This is a great testimony of an 88 year old woman from Seal Beach, CA. She was diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer in late 2011.  “This 88 year old woman had attended my Alternative Health Solutions Seminar with her son, where I spoke of the alternative treatments that I used to heal my cancer naturally, specifically The Budwig Protocol.  After hearing me speak, she had decided to begin utilizing the Budwig Protocol for her cancer.  She had 3 tumors in her breast, one the size of an egg.  She had the large tumor removed and began the Budwig Protocol.  Initially the Oncologist had wanted to do radiation after her surgery.  However, when she returned to the oncologist two weeks later for the pre-op MRI for the other tumors, the oncologist couldn’t find the tumors.  They had disappeared!  Not being able to understand what had happened, the doctors sent her to a different MRI center, to confirm the results, and again no Tumors were found.  All radiation treatments were cancelled and she has only had follow-up MRI’s since that time along with the Hormone Therapy to reduce her estrogen level, which she finished in March of 2012.  The Oncologist and her General Practitioner both were astounded, and then her son explained to the doctors about the Budwig Protocol and both were researching it as they left the Oncologist’s office.  In April of 2012, she had a follow up MRI, and everything on both breasts showed negative for any cancer of any kind.  More proof that alternative treatments are extremely effective and you can achieve optimum health through God’s Pharmacy.” 

-An excerpt from my book “Defeat Cancer Now.”  

More testimonials of healing cancer naturally can be found in the book.

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  1. nyinawishema Donatille

    I would like to advise me which nature treatment i can use to my husband who has lung cancer stage IV. With metastase. thank you

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