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“Hi Tamara Just a quick message to say thank you for sharing your journey..I won’t go in to my looong story but just to point out that thus far 17months in I’ve managed to maintain my blood works stable I was do diagnosed with follicular lymphoma an in the last 17 months I have lost a total of 3stone 2lbs…I do apricot kernals lemon water various supplements an alkaline diet…I’m in southern Ireland an on illness benefit an your story has inspired me an can continues to do so daily. An angel on earth you are. Thank you” Rona K.


“Your book is really good it is helping me know what to do about my cancer. I do have faith in God’s food and thank you for reminding me that God is our healer not man.” Deb T.


“Hey girl, my mom got your book she saw your video. She also had breast cancer. Thanks for your commitment to help others.” Marya H.


“I have a testimony! Look I referred a friend to get your book that was diagnosed with Cancer 2 months. He called me and asked me for help. I referred him to purchase your book and to do all of the cleansers you suggested. Guess what his Brother just called me and told me he went back to the doctor and they said that the cancer was gone. They didn’t see any signs of the cancer. He did everything in your book. Thank you so much you are healing ppl all over the world. Love peace and blessings to you!” Drika B.


“I received your book today. I’m almost finished reading it. Thank you for living, thank you for writing about your personal experiences & sharing them. I have done some research of natural therapies myself & was afraid to try them. I was not sure in what order to detox, how to do it properly & I couldn’t find anyone who could answer my questions. I’m confident now as I feel questions I could not find answers to, you answered. Such as the danger of stopping & starting the Budwig protocol. I do not have cancer, however a multitude of other issues firstly being MS. You have swept away a lot of my fears after even getting thus far in your book. I have just recommended it to two dear friends both with auto immune diseases as well. Thank you for choosing to live & not giving up, that is my choice too!” Shannon S.


“Thanks Tamara! I just received your book in the mail today. I’m already so encouraged, as I’ve been in this “cancer” fight for 10 years. I want to call you after I finish reading the entire book, so I can begin my daily health routine. It’s a miracle that I’m still alive and I thank God for His grace and for the gift of you!” LuWanna P
“This book is such an easy read! There are things in it that I question. So I do some research only to find out the information is accurate. I’m learning so much from Tamara St. John. Honestly, I believe everyone should read this, not just those with Cancer or other diseases. It’s a great reference to avoid being sick in the first place.” Lila L.


“Dear Tamara, I’ve read your book twice now, the second time I was armed with a highlighter and color tabs marking sections for quick reference. Chapter 3 is an extremely helpful chapter not only in the sense that it defines cancer from a clinical sense but also it helped take the ‘fear’ of cancer away or at least reduced the fear substantially for me. I truly believe that if the stigma associated with cancer was altered, people who are diagnosed would be in a much better position mentally to deal with cancer. This psychological shift in approaching cancer would give newly diagnosed patients a much better start to their journey through cancer to healing You mentioned in your earlier chapter the ‘death sentence’ most people associate with cancer. I think chapter 3 goes a long way to helping remove this fear (at least rationalize cancer) and also gives people a sense of empowerment that they can tackle this disease and restore to good health. Thanks again for the very ‘human’ approach to writing your book. Regards, Mark”


“Your book is loaded with great information! I’m going to try the liquid Bentonite Clay and Psyllium Husk treatment for my first step in detox. I’ve known for years that I need to detox, but no one has had a reasonable plan and method for doing so. Thanks for writing this book!!!” Judy I.
“Received your book last week & it’s an amazing read. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. It has given me confidence that I’m doing the right thing treating myself naturally &also given me a definite direction to go in. Love & blessings to you” Helen H.


“I used many of the protocols in your book to help me heal serious ailments (not cancer) and it changed my life forever. I always refer back to your book when its detox time and it works wonders. 10 years of doctors and specialists couldn’t do for me what your book did. My husband is even starting the detox regimen in order to get healthier. You are amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Selena M.


“Thanks! I just finished the book. FANTASTIC!!! So well written! Usually I feel like everything I read about health is so over my head. I understood everything and feel adequately prepared to start this lifestyle change. I do not have cancer, but I have had swollen lymph glands under my arm pits for 3 years with no change.” Angie S.


“Thanks Tamara your book just saved my grandmothers life, she had breast cancer. We are from Jordan and I recommend everyone to use your book.” Samar J.


“Hi Tamara! Received your book yesterday. It’s a godsend, and I mean that literally. Thank you for sharing your story. That alone is priceless to those with cancer. It provides us with hope and a way of taking control of our lives when we are led to believe by mainstream medicine there is little hope and only one way to go (surgery, radiation and chemotherapy). I’ll let you know how I get on if that’s OK with you. God bless you.” Jennifer H.


“I just finished the book. Great information! I pray many people benefit from your experience with cancer and healing yourself naturally. May God keep you in good health! Peace and Blessings your way.” Laverne L.


“Loving my book!!!! OMG making some changes for sure. Learning a lot. Thank you Tamara St. John so very much for all your hard work researching it is very evident you did your work diligently and successfully. I’m so Grateful.” Maureen K.


“I’m currently reading your book and my 18 months old who doesn’t talk yet comes and points at your picture every time I’m holding the book so I tell him “this is Tamara” every time. Now he goes himself, grabs the book and hands it to me pointing at your picture saying “Tatata? Tatata?” Hehehe. Your name is among his attempted first words” Carine S.


“Amazing book I have read it twice and cured my ibs and hormonal unbalance from her knowledge in the book. A got to have book!” Lori Bond


“When my father was diagnosed with Leukemia, he trusted the allopathic approach to dealing with his condition, the only way he knew. Because he was 81 he chose not to do chemo. We were all very scared for him. We didn’t know where to find reliable alternative information. I repeat, we were all very scared! I knew of an energy healer who tried to help Dad long distance. But to no avail, Dad (and Mom, his confidant) lost belief in the process. They didn’t know anyone who had been healed of cancer this way which was important to his generation’s way of thinking. Dad didn’t follow through, and the efforts failed as well as the allopathic approach. Having read myself, Defeat Cancer Now, cancer is no longer scary to me but a fact of life today, unfortunate, but true. The book arms you with the tools of the trade, so to speak. It is a body of honest step by step information related to the whole person, mind, body, and soul.I applaud and support this book as a resource and a choice to anyone who wants the choice to reverse his/her cancer. I think Tamara was brave to take her life and health into her own hands. And she compassionately reaches others in the book by sharing her own story. She has paved the way for others to trust alternative choices of healing cancer. We need this message of confidence that it is possible to heal yourself and cancer is not a death sentence that cannot be managed and reversed by our own natural applied efforts. Additionally, Tamara is available for consultation on her website: I sincerely wish you or the person you refer to Tamara’s book, Defeat Cancer Now, confidence and good health. Thank you Tamara for making the world a better place.” Beverly M. DiCarlo


“I just recently bought your book, and had it all read within 6 hours of receiving it, would have been shorter but, I have a 16 month old! Your book has truly changed my life. I thank you so much for sharing your story with countless people. I am currently not suffering from Cancer but my mom just passed away 7-1-12 from a very rare blood cancer and leukemia. She was so very, very sick. It wasn’t until after I lost her my world turned around. I was and am determined for that not to be me. I am a practicing Christian and by faith I made it through her passing. Thanks so much and thanks so much for your book, even people without cancer can GREATLY benefit from it.” Sam Covington


“I bought your book. I recommend it to anyone who cares about their health. Very well written. Packed with good info. Thank you.” Lisa Risvold Gregory


“I purchased the Kindle version a while back and have read it through a couple of times already — excellent, inspirational, empowering information!” Karinna Ball


“Hi Tamara, I now buy a large package of Apricots about once a week from Costco. I have always liked apricots, but I have always thrown away the pit. I took one that was dry and put it in a vise which applies slow even pressure. It cracks in no time, and I took the kernel and sliced it up. I put the pieces in my mouth and held them under my tongue. I show no signs of Cancer at this time at the age of 62. Too bad I don’t have an apricot tree. I read with great interest in your book about ones PH. I got some test strips, and my ph was under 7.0. I take 2 Tbs. of a powder in 2 cups of steam distilled water. My ph should be 7.0 shortly. Thank you for the info in your book. Best regards and big hugs from Douglas.”


“Tamara, I just finished reading my copy – I loved this book – it is clear, concise, simple and straight forward – the plan you lay out anyone with even the smallest determination could easily execute. I am so thankful I found this book and you – and plan on reading (and re-reading) again and again. Thank you for sharing your journey and helping so many others!!! Gia Trombetta Peterson


“I just had cancer and I wish I would have had this knowledge before !!!

Share this !!! Like it.” Steve


“I am amazed at the sheer amount of research that you had to do to bring this book to fruition and you are so generous in sharing. And to see that you included other testimonials in the book with other options is so selfless. You must be the angel that I have been praying for to enlighten me so I can help my friend. I am astounded at the depth of compassion you have to share what you had to research for yourself. I have to say again…thank you. When I lie down to go to sleep tonight, I will be thanking God that He led me to you.” Dianna Moore


“A must read book, even if you don’t have cancer. God bless you Tamara, you are an inspiration for others & you are serving and praising the Lord.” Joelle


“Tamara I received your book and started reading. I just want to say Thank you for writing this book. I also am God fearing person and I believe the Lord is using you to spread your gift to others. Through the years I have become familiar w better living, eating organic, avoiding GMOs, the evil of Monsanto etc. As I’ve told u before my father in law was diagnosed with lymphoma a year ago, He did receive Chemo but I sent him BIRM and it allowed for his body to withstand the chemo. He is now cancer free but I will send him your book to educate him on keeping the cancer from returning. Thank you for all you do and your courage. God bless you.” Perla Bodden-Moses.


“I received my book!!! Thank you so much. I do have to comment that the whole thought of people dying and suffering for no reason makes me ill and makes my heart heavy to think that the government knows this…SO, SO, sad….and hard to take it all in. Either way, thank you again for the eye opening information. Still is a little unbelievable and sickening.” Joan Smith


“I followed Tamara’s variety of treatments, but avoided committing to Budwig because of the warning about deviation from strict adherence. I saved it in case the other protocols failed. Results? The cancer specialist, at my last visit, could no longer see the cancer on her ultrasound. I’m still staying on the treatments. I REALLY wanted to thank Tamara for talking, in her book, about Melatonin. I am finally able to sleep deep refreshing sleep that I haven’t experienced in years! Thank you Tamara! Your book is the most complete guide I’ve found yet.” Zita Robinson.


“Hi Tamara, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been thoroughly enjoying your book. It takes me a while to read since I have cataracts and my eyes tire very easily. Anyway, the thoughtful research is greatly appreciated!! The section on goitrogenic foods was something I hadn’t heard about. I’m glad I saw that since I have hashimoto’s and I eat LOTS of vegetables! Bless you for all the research you’ve done and I hope your life is exceedingly Blessed!!” Beverly Sims.


“I just received your book today and found it very interesting and also very informative, thank you! Just yesterday, I lost a dear friend to cancer and I have 3 other friends that are battling cancer now, all in a town of a population of 1500. We have had more over the past decade some that have survived and not survived. After reading your book I’m wondering if it’s our water source that is causing this? I will start researching this thanks to your book! Thank you and God speed!” R.L.


“I went to the breast cancer specialist doctor yesterday. She ultra sounded my breast and declared it cancer free :))) She was surprised at how unremarkable it now appears compared to even just a few months ago when the last lot of tests were done. Her reasoning was that it must not have been cancer after all…. despite the biopsy pathology results! Lol… uhmmm yeah… she’s probably sitting there repeating that cancer can only be cured via chemo and other drugs and treatment$. I’ve followed your advice in your book, sans committing to the Budwig protocol, as well as VEGA and my acupuncturist and Chinese herbs. I followed the detoxes and eating plans and continued to exercise whenever the lysing symptoms allowed. I have sent off my coffee filter to the Philippines for testing just to be sure. Awaiting results. I will continue to have apricot kernels for a few months and watch my alkaline/acid balance for…. probably the rest of my life. I’ve learnt life lessons that I think the Lord intended me to learn. Thank you again. Keep up your excellent work. Best of health and love to you” Zita R.


“Excellent book on cancer prevention & treatment….Tamara knows what she’s talking about & is living proof that cancer can be healed nutritionally without poisoning the body & causing more cancer with chemo & radiation.” Healthywoman


“I just wanted to tell you that I got the book! And I read half of it already last night as soon as I got it! Really well written and I truly believe everybody should have it in their home and maybe even another to share with others that are struggling with a cancer diagnosis!” Marlee Ann


“Tam, I just received your book here in South Africa and its soooo awesome, I can’t put it down…thank you, thank you, thank you, I’m immediately starting with some of your protocols and suggestions….preventions is for SURE better than cure…love your book.” Debbie Rossouw


“I highly encourage everyone who is battling cancer to purchase Tamara’s book. She thoroughly discusses exactly how she beat her cancer and the protocols used, all without the use of traditional treatment of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery! There is HOPE for curing your cancer and Tamara shares in detail the steps necessary to beat it, including healing scriptures, too. If you or a friend is in the midst of a cancer or other health crisis, I highly encourage you to buy this book and follow her advice. It most likely will change your life or the life of a loved one.” Diana


“I bought this book for my friend who is fighting cancer. It has given him fresh hope of beating this disease as full of so many ideas on how to use Gods natural medicine to heal the body. Another thing which has built his faith in Tamara’s book is the fact that every consultant he has mentioned it to has endorsed it by saying he is doing exactly the right thing by following the advice given in her book.” Stephen Zarb


“This book is extremely helpful and comes chock full of alternative suggestions towards improving your health. I purchased a copy for myself as well as a friend who has cancer.” Daniel P. Ginsberg


“Natural healing has always fascinated me and this book was not a disappointment! Tamara is honest and thorough in describing her bout with cancer and very detailed with the protocols she used to heal her body. If you or anyone you know has cancer, this is a must read.” Anne Douglas


“I first heard Tamara St John interviewed a couple of times and was very impressed with her courage. I have been a follower on Facebook for a time now and couldn’t wait to get her book. It is truly an inspiration to anyone whether or not they have cancer. I was certainly not disappointed with the book and I highly recommend it to all. A person needs this information so if a time comes when you have to make a decision for yourself or a person you care about, then you can make an informed decision.” Rachel Harvey


“Having just finished treatment for cancer and read so much on alternatives, I really enjoyed this book. It pulled together a lot of what I had been reading about. And Tamara was able to do it at a very low cost – which is really helpful and will provide a way for those that don’t have the money for insurance/treatment or those that don’t want to go the medical route. While this book focuses on cancer, I’m sure it will help for many other health issues.” Cindee N.


“What a wonderful book! I very much enjoyed the format and content in this book. Not only did it take me through the journey of cancer, but she gives a wonderful description on exactly HOW to defeat cancer! One amazing thing, is she did it all without insurance and on a limited budget, meaning anyone can save their own lives with determination, research, and Faith. This book is an inspiration as well, showing the hope that one can recover from even a terminal cancer. I bought not only this book, I also bough the Kindle Version so that I can share with loved ones. I loved the recipes, it’s nice to have some actual guidelines on exactly what to not eat, and then what to eat, and how to prepare it. I would recommend anyone to read this book, it is inspiring and VERY informative!” Safya Yassin


“I LOVE this book. I am a nurse & based on what I know & see I know that if I ever receive a cancer diagnosis I will NOT accept chemo & radiation to treat it. But as I’ve researched alternative medicine doctors I have learned that it can be very costly. Of course you can research on your own & try to come up with a plan & “hope” that it will work. But that is a lot of work. This is a book written by someone who actually had cancer (a big difference, lots of books & info out there don’t come from someone with firsthand knowledge & experience) & actually healed herself. And she is willing to share what she learned the hard way with the rest of us. This is truly a priceless book that I am so grateful to have in my personal library. And even though I don’t have cancer, I also really love the detailed info on detoxing your body & I am following it currently. EVERYONE should have a copy of this book!” Diane


“I have been following the author of this book on facebook for two years, she’s amazing! She has done more research on nutrition, the makeup of the cancer cell, and the root causes of disease than any medical professional I know. I have patiently waited for her to finish this book and read it within a few days of receiving it in the mail. I learned so much from it and it is definitely a resource I’ll be able to utilize for a lifetime. I plan on buying this book for a few people I know who are suffering from various diseases, especially cancer. Highly recommend!” Jessica


“I couldn’t wait to receive my hardback copy of Tamara St. John’s book about reversing her cancer, so I bought the kindle version. This woman is incredibly brave I tell ya. Sometimes blessings come in strange disguises. Interesting thing, that Tamara didn’t have health insurance (she is in California), and had a very limited budget…and she did it! Tamara shows you how she did it, shares her resources, and is so humble. I encourage everyone to read her story even just to gain insight about your own health issues and what may be going on in your body right now. We don’t have to wait until we get cancer to figure out it’s time to get our health back. The more I know, the less of a mystery cancer is…and I can pass the word on to people I meet who are facing this scary battle.” Laurie W.


“I’m feeling much better. I’ve been reading your book and treating my body as though I do have cancer. I love your book and decided I would get off of my meds and detoxify my liver. Today I am starting the gallbladder cleanse as I go back over your book. I got off of all spinach, kale in my juicing which has been putting 10 pounds a week on me. I was glad to learn that. I’ve monitored my blood pressure and blood sugar all weekend and haven’t had one spike. I had already been working on getting the head of the parasite that has been plaguing me out. Well, Friday morning it finally came out! My fluid retention left, I had one sugar spike and haven’t had one since. I do have a sore spot in my gut where he has been boring a hole in for nearly 2 years. He was about 4 inches in length. The body had been coming out for months as my body was riddled with candida which seems to be better also. Today I don’t feel nauseous and my color is better. I would like to set up a time to consult with you and get your ideas on the direction you feel I should be heading. Thanks for such a great book. Thank God you are healed and are here to tell the story!” Sheila E.


“I’ve read your story and I am so amazed, because for the past 2 years, I have been researching and helping my mom Cure her Adenoid Carcinoma that doctors have believed Mets to her Lungs. We’ve done Vit C treatments, Eliminating Sugars, Juicing and now Apricot Kernels. I am so happy that individuals like yourself aren’t afraid to speak out because as a Registered Nurse, I know that if it was up to the FDA and Physicians… Everyone would be on Chemo & Radiation Therapy. I really recommend your book to everyone.” Lea Deneus-Coley


“Tamara, I am reading your book for the 3rd time. Great book, you are right on everything. You sure put a lot of work and research into it. If cancer patients follow the book and don’t give up, they will have good results, I know, I defeated cancer twice by using natural methods, detox, apricot seeds, juicing, sprouting, faith in God and a lot of praying. They need to read your book more than once, as there is a lot of good information, that can’t be absorbed reading it just once or twice. Good luck to all of you who purchased “Defeat Cancer Now”, and are battling with cancer, you are now on your way to defeating the cancer and good health. DON’T EVER GIVE UP AND YOU WILL WIN THE BATTLE.” Marylee St. John



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