My Gluten Free Thanksgiving

turkeyI have been Gluten Intolerant for a number of years, but with Thanksgiving being my favorite holiday (due to the food) I had to come up with a Gluten Free Thanksgiving meal that I could safely eat and still tasted great.  I made my entire Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday this year so I could take it easy on Thanksgiving and have leftovers the entire week!

On The Menu:

1.  Turkey
2.  Gluten Free Stuffing
3.  Mashed Potatoes
4.  Gluten Free Gravy
5.  Organic String Beans
6.  Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie
7.  Homemade Whipped Cream


I try to buy organic turkeys but sometimes that is not always possible.  I do make sure that the turkey is not treated with antibiotics or hormones (it will say it on the package).  I also make sure that the Turkey does not have brine or any spices added to it to ensure there is no gluten contamination.

I usually stuff my turkey and cook it in a Large Roaster.  I bought a 15 lb Turkey this year and it took 3 hours to cook at 350 degrees.

Organic String Beans:

I always buy organic string beans and I steam them until almost done.  I then drain the water from the pot and remove the steamer basket from the pot, putting the hot string beans back into the pot.  I add Kerry gold butter, garlic olive oil, and Himalayan pink sea salt (to taste) and sauté all ingredients until the string beans are fork tender.

Stay tuned this week for more of my Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recipes.

God Bless,


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