My Father Was Medically Kidnapped!!!!!!

My dad has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease for almost 10 years now.  My mother and I have been trying to care for my dad at home but I still had to work and my mother had to have surgery in which she wouldn’t be able to care for my dad. Therefore, on November 6th, we had to put my father into a memory care facility in La Habra, CA until my mother could heal from her surgery. The picture above depicts my father and mother at the Pine Cone Festival in October of 2016, exactly one month before he went into the memory care facility in La Habra, CA.

While my father was in the memory facility, I would visit regularly and after 2 weeks, I began to notice bruises on my dad’s arms.  When I would ask the caregivers in charge about the bruises, they would always have a different story as to what happened. While he was in this facility he had fallen and scraped his head, requiring a trip to the emergency room and cat scan to confirm everything was normal.  After being sent back to the memory care facility, we were told that my father was aggressive and we were urged to put him on drugs, to which we and his doctor refused.  He had been on supplements which calmed him but the facility was not giving him his medication correctly or on time.

After we had refused to put my dad on Xanax, the memory care facility sent my dad to two separate hospitals stating that he was crazy.  Both hospitals sent him back to memory care saying that he wasn’t crazy, but had all of the symptoms of advanced Alzheimer’s disease.  When this facility realized that they didn’t know how to handle a patient with Alzheimer’s unless they are drugged into a stupor, they finally sent my father to the emergency room saying that he was crazy and put him on a 5150 involuntary hold for 3 days.

While my dad was admitted to a hospital emergency room in Whittier, CA., the hospital refused to let us take my dad home.  We were never given any documentation as to the 5150 hold they placed upon my dad and the hospital staff restrained and force-ably drugged my dad without consent.  They had then said that they would be sending my dad to a mental facility for a 72 hour hold and if my mother and I got in the way, we would be arrested.

My father was then transported to a hospital in San Gabriel, CA with a Behavioral Modification Unit; which was an hour away from his home.  At this new mental facility, the medical staff and doctors in charge had further abused, restrained and forced psychotropic drugs upon my father without his consent or the consent of my mother.  The negligent psychiatrist in charge stated that my father must be suicidal, depressed, bi-polar, and manic-depressive and we had told him that he only had Alzheimer’s.

My father has always been a very quiet and happy man until he was abused, restrained and drugged.  After the 72 hour hold was up, my dad’s condition had worsened considerably under the “lack of” care in the San Gabriel mental unit at the hospital.  He was now despondent, sleeping a lot, could no longer walk without falling, talking gibberish, and would be drooling at the mouth and nose whenever we were able to visit.  At one point, my father had awoken from his drugged state and told my mother and I that the hospital staff was trying to “do him in,” so he obviously knew that what they were doing to him would kill him.

During the time that my father was in this mental facility, I had researched and called multiple organizations to find out our rights and how to get my father out. By day 6, I had contacted the “Patients Rights of LA County” and the doctor hesitantly released my father into our care.  Although the doctor said that we should leave him there in his care for at least 6 more months and the doctor also said that if he released my dad, my dad would become violent towards others.  After my dad has now been home and off of their psychotropic drugs, my dad can now walk again and is getting back to his happy self.  Yes, he still has Alzheimer’s, but has not been aggressive or violent at all and never has been toward any of us EVER!  He is smiling again, which he hadn’t done in quite awhile since this nightmare he has had to endure.

Unfortunately, medical kidnapping happens all the time and can happen to you, your child, or your other family members.  Once you go to a doctor, any doctor can write anything about you and put a 5150 hold on you or your family member.  If you ask for a second opinion or refuse any medical treatment they prescribe, they can take you away from your family and force drugs and treatment upon you without your consent. 

A 5150 hold states:

“When a person, as a result of a mental health disorder, is a danger to others, or to himself or herself, or gravely disabled, a peace officer, professional person in charge of a facility designated by the county for evaluation and treatment, member of the attending staff, as defined by regulation, of a facility designated by the county for evaluation and treatment, designated members of a mobile crisis team, or professional person designated by the county may, upon probable cause, take, or cause to be taken, the person into custody for a period of up to 72 hours for assessment, evaluation, and crisis intervention, or placement for evaluation and treatment in a facility designated by the county for evaluation and treatment and approved by the State Department of Health Care Services.”

However, my father was never diagnosed with a mental disorder, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease by two neurologists and two hospitals prior had sent him back to the memory care facility stating that he wasn’t crazy but only had Alzheimer’s. My father was upset that he was restrained, locked up, abused, and drugged without consent.  I ask you, If someone tried to restrain and drug YOU without consent, would you fight back or just let them do whatever they wanted???? I would have fought back myself and any normal person would do the same.

Sadly, this is happening to many people in this country, especially when they are sent to a mental unit and drugged.  These psychotropic drugs have multiple side effects; such as, suicidal thoughts, aggression, depression, seizures, shaking, insomnia, sleeping too much, just to name a few.  These patients are being experimented upon and many are killed from the treatments.

Above you will see some pictures of the abuse my dad has endured in the past few weeks.  Sadly, I believe that all too many people in these mental facilities are the elderly with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, who already are having a tough enough time with their diagnosis and are now being tortured by the state.  Praise God my dad is finally home and returning to his normal, happy self after this nightmare of medical negligence!Blessings,Tamara St. John

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