Monsanto Farmer Speaks Ignorance!


As many of you have read, I posted a conversation from a Monsanto Farmer who sent me an email on Saturday. I responded on Sunday morning by posting the conversation so everyone could reply. Following my post; this ignorant farmer got upset and sent another email (last posted message) in which I did not reply and I finally blocked him from my page.

Many of you have no idea that these Monsanto farmers and also pharmaceutical company reps will purposely “friend” those on facebook who are creating “waves” within their brainwashed scheme. Monsanto, pharmaceutical companies, or the government does NOT want you to know the truth about what is in your food, the toxic effects of drugs, and so on and so on.

Read the entire conversation below and feel free to comment:

Monsanto Farmer Dave Bauer:

“we plant wheat its not GMO. we use a lot of Monsanto chemicals we have to , to control our weeds and grasses and supply the world with food
we farm in the famouse {Palouse country} highest yielding dryland farmland in the world just reley on mother nature for rain. Its buetiful country we farm slopes up to 50 % If it was not for chemical companys, you would starve to death sweetheart”

Monsanto Farmer Dave Bauer:

“no comeback?? LOL.”


“Glad you are proud that you are poisoning the earth and the people in it. I wonder if God is proud of you poisoning his earth and people. I think it is evil. And, people wouldn’t starve without chemical companies. I don’t eat any processed foods or GMOs, so I definitely wouldn’t starve.”

Monsanto Farmer Dave Bauer:

“Good morning Tamara, I,m a real good farmer but please don’t judge me by my spelling ok? these chemicals we use have a plant back period and we obey them, meaning if we spray our wheat with a certain chemical we cant grow peas on that soil for 18 monthes . Monsanto is not evil if they were evil they would not tell us that. Were not in the 1930’s anymore we have over & billion people to feed and each year thousands of acres of crop land are being devoured up in housing. If we did not use chemicals the weeds would overtake our crops and we would have little to harvest and go broke. All the chemicals have lables some 10 pages long, we follow the instructions. What proof do you have that there poison? I have been appling chemicals since I was 15 I,m 50 now just got a physical I,m in perfect health. I think you have nothing better to do than stir up a lot of trouble. Why don’t you take care of the weeds on your side of the fence and we well take care of them on our side.”

Those of us who know about the dangers of genetically modified crops and the pesticides used on our crops can only do one thing—STOP buying ANY and ALL foods that are Genetically Modified or are sprayed with toxic chemicals which cause cancer and other disease. Shifting the market share of Monsanto will create change, but it all starts with YOU!!!

“You Can Achieve Optimum Health Through God’s Pharmacy.”


Tamara St. John


  1. Cheryl B. Gluski

    I will be bold enough to jump into this conversation…
    dear Farmer, if you are using roundup only days before harvest, READ THE SMALL PRINT… the molecules in the plants DO hold the poisons from that weedkiller you’re using! In high proportions, for WEEKS after harvest! The doctors see it in children like my sweet daughter. The damage is seen in the disturbance in her hormones, it’s referred to as, “endocrine interruption”.
    This is the tip of what I know.
    IF YOU care to know more, do your own little search, but search the European information banks. It will take you only minutes to see what the rest of the world sees clearly.
    See how many farmers where winning law suits, how many easily replicated studies show unquestionable evidence/proof that those chemicals are indeed quite harmful….
    Over 26 countries have flat out BANNED the use of Monsanto chemicals and now the Netherlands, France and Brazil are joining in.

    You DO have access to the internet don’t you, sir?

    • tamarastjohn

      I don’t know if the farmer realized that when he emailed me on my personal facebook page that I had a health website and other fb pages as well. 😉 But, great comment!!

  2. Martie

    Excellent comment Tamara. Guess you won did you – don’t see a final response from the farmer? Interesting how they all have the same point of view; i.e. “you’d all did of starvation if we didn’t spray the food”. LOL

    Keep up the good work – we’ll win them one by one.

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