Miracle Pill that Should be in Every Household

    Benefits of Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal capsules are a “must-have” in every household. Activated Charcoal is a binding agent which attracts toxins and carries them out of the body. You can take activated charcoal internally for food poisoning, alcohol toxicity, or too even prevent hangovers. You can also make activated charcoal into a paste and use it externally for tooth aches, insect bites, spider bites, gum infections, etc.

I have personally used activated charcoal for both internal and external factors. I have successfully used it a few times for gum/tooth infections where I made the activated charcoal into a thick paste and wrapped the charcoal paste in cheesecloth and slept with it on the gum infection overnight. Within a few nights, the gum infection is cleared, pain is gone and I saved myself a trip to the dentist. More importantly, I saved myself from having to take toxic antibiotics (which kill your internal flora) and saved myself money. I also mix the activated charcoal into my weekly face mask to clear up any acne, eczema, or psoriasis.

To make a paste out of activated charcoal; empty approximately 6 capsules of charcoal into a small bowl and add 1-2 drops of unrefined sesame oil or virgin coconut oil. Stir to make a thick paste, you may need to add more oil, but not too much as it needs to be a thick paste. The paste should be thick enough to form a firm ball. Then you can place the paste on any wound, infection, or insect bite to soak up the toxins. For gum/tooth infections, place the charcoal paste into a square of cheesecloth and tuck it onto the gum infection and sleep with it overnight daily until the infection is cleared.  You can also use this to whiten your teeth by brushing with the charcoal powder, although this is very messy and it does take awhile to get all of the black out of your teeth.

You can also take Activated Charcoal internally. I have also used activated charcoal whenever I had food poisoning or was planning on having a few drinks at a party. For food poisoning, I take 2 capsules and wait to see if it is working or not before I take more. For alcohol, I take 1 capsule per alcoholic beverage. Be aware that activated charcoal taken internally can cause constipation for a couple of days so make sure you take it for a very good reason. Activated Charcoal capsules can be found at any health food store, vitamin store or online and should be a staple in every household. You should also make a habit of carrying this miracle pill with you on trips as a precaution.



Tamara St. John


    • It doesn’t remove the metal fillings, that has to be done from a holistic dentist. But this is good to help remove any lingering heavy metals from the body AFTER you have had your metal fillings removed professionally.

  1. LN

    Would the activated charcoal capsules be helpful for someone with Rheumatoid Arthritis. My adult daughter’s immune system is always compromised due to the medications she must take for her RA, hence, any bug or virus that comes along she catches. So, I’m wondering if the charcoal added to her regimen would help in removing the toxins (viruses) that cause her to become ill. Please respond.

  2. Freedom man

    Just like goodness of charcoal other best supplement forcsaving teeth gums is Co-Enzyme Q10 -30mg to 200mg for those on Statons by Dr Chris on itv This Morning. I also find helps toothache is Vitamin C 500mg & Homopathic Arnica 30c helps stress before & after surgery & relieves jeg lag exhaustion. Other supplements reccommended are Swansons Catnip toothache remedie Myrrh gum and nightly healed gums teeth with bio health Chamomile capsules & lemongrass all availble at healthmonthly.co.uk jersey uk

  3. Ali Rich

    Another great use for them is for anyone with food intolerances or sensitivities, if you eat something that you don’t realize has the irritating food in it (like at a restaurant) you can take 1 charcoal capsule to help relieve the symptoms you get.

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