Listed Among the Biggest Cancer Causing Foods (Are You Eating it?)

Listed Among the Biggest Cancer Causing Foods (Are You Eating it?)

Hot dogs. Almost everybody loves them, and they’ve become an affectionate part of days at the lake, barbeques, and many holidays. Unfortunately, hot dogs have been identified as one of the food items that is most likely to cause cancer. Once you learn more about how hot dogs are made and the damage they could be doing to your body, you will find it quite easy to give up this treat for good.

It’s not exactly a secret that hot dogs are a combination of leftover meat parts shoved into a plastic edible casing. These “parts” can include pork, beef, or chicken, and are usually whatever is left after slaughter (e.g. feet, heads, skin, tissue). Once ground into a paste and combined, this meat mixture is then injected with salt, nitrates, MSG, corn syrup, flavorings, and numerous chemicals. One of the flavorings often used is made of carmine, a dye that is created by boiling the shells of certain beetles in ammonia or sodium carbonate. Even organic hot dogs are not free from harmful ingredients, and many contain the same amount of nitrates (or more) as normal hot dogs.

With these harmful ingredients, it is no surprise that hot dogs are bad for your health. Perhaps the single most dangerous ingredient found in hot dogs is the nitrates (and nitrites).  When these items are heated, they form nitrosamines, which have specifically been linked to cancer. In particular, nitrosamines have been fingered as a possible culprit for colon, bladder, pancreatic, and stomach cancers.

In fact, the American Institute for Cancer Research has found that if you eat one hot dog every day, you increase your chances of getting colorectal cancer by 21%. One study by the University of Hawaii linked processed meats, including hot dogs, to a 67% increased risk of contracting pancreatic cancer. This is especially scary considering how deadly pancreatic cancer is, even more so than any other type of cancer.

Hot dogs are devoid of almost any beneficial nutrients, and your body certainly will not be disappointed if you give them up for good. Being high in calories and cancer-causing ingredients, hot dogs provide the body with zero benefits. If there is one food that you cut out of your life for good, make it the much-beloved hot dog.

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