How to Stop Hair Loss

How to Stop Hair Loss

Start Re-Growing Your Hair

When hair loss begins to happen to a man, it is accepted by society as normal.  When hair loss happens to a woman, it is catastrophic!  Hair loss can happen for a number of reasons: hormones become imbalanced and the thyroid and adrenals are no longer functioning correctly and nutrient/mineral deficiency are a couple of reasons for sudden hair loss.

This has happened to me during the last few years and I managed to stop the hair loss both times using this method.  Your nails will also grow long and strong as a result.

1.  Change your diet to cut out ALL processed foods, NO sugar, NO caffeine, NO GMOs, NO Gluten, NO alcohol.

2.  Take MSM capsules daily to supply the body with sulphur.

3.  Take 1 heaping teaspoon of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth nightly to supply the body with Silica.  I like the “Dr. Goodpet” brand from Vitacost.

4.  Eat organic vegetables and meats, with plenty of good fats in the form of hemp seed, flax seed, walnuts, avocado. olive oil, coconut.

Follow these 4 steps and your hair will stop falling out and start growing back.  Be patient, changing your diet isn’t easy and you may have to take baby steps.


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