How to Order Lab Tests Without a Doctor

How to Order Lab Tests Without a Doctor

I have found that most doctors aren’t very knowledgeable about the proper tests to run.  This is where it is important to listen to your body so you can order the proper tests.  For instance, I had asked the last doctor I saw to run a bunch of tests, including adrenal function.

My request to have my adrenals tested was ignored by the doctor, so I order the lab tests myself and had them read and interpreted by another doctor.  I also did the same for my food allergy test, hair mineral analysis and more to come.

I have found that Lab Tests Plus does a great job and has many different types of tests.  I get absolutely nothing for recommending them, but I just wanted to share where I get my testing done when your doctor doesn’t order the proper tests.


  1. pat slate

    I have been suffering from so called gastritis, I am eating but not gaining a n ounce. I am skin and bones, I need help. I tremble all the time. I think my thyroid may be part of it they keep changing my dosage of levothyroxine. Can this cause all these systoms.fatigue, thinning hair, sesitivity o cold, weight loss, trembling and diahrea.

  2. Alesia

    Pat, I had chronic gastritis for many years (wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy!) However, none of the symptoms you’ve described really relate to gastritis. Keep on your dr. for more tests until they find the cause. Best wishes!

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