My Homemade Deodorant Recipe

My Homemade Deodorant Recipe

It is no secret that commercial deodorant/antiperspirants have a huge list of toxic chemicals as their ingredients.  Commercial deodorants and antiperspirants contain toxic ingredients such as Aluminum, Parabens, Propylene Glycol, and Phthalates to name a few.  These toxic chemicals seep directly into the bloodstream and lymph system through the skin.  Your skin is your largest organ and anything you put onto it will seep into your body and can cause damage.  These toxic chemicals may not be the main cause of breast cancer, but it is certainly may be a contributing factor.


Once I had breast cancer, I knew that I had to stop wearing deodorant/antiperspirant and had to start making my own. At the time, I was hiking up to 50 miles per week and ice skating on my off days. Since I was very active, I had to find a deodorant that worked to keep the smelly pits at bay. I had tried every single non-toxic, paraben free, aluminum free deodorant on the market and they all failed to deliver especially on the hiking days.

It took a couple of years of testing all of the sub-par deodorants on the market before I got tired of wasting my money and started making my own deodorant. I had found that my homemade deodorant worked better than the expensive brands sold over the counter. Here is my recipe:

Tamara’s Pit Paste:

• Arrowroot powder (1/4 cup)
• Cornstarch (2 TBSP)
• Bentonite Clay (1 TBSP)
• Baking soda (2 tsp)
• Coconut Oil (enough to make smooth)
• Shea Butter (enough to make smooth)
• Tea Tree Oil or Lemon Balm Oil (about 10 drops)

Measurements depend upon the size of the jar you will be storing the mixture into. Mix all of the dry ingredients together in an empty jar, and then add some coconut oil (melted) until the mixture becomes pliable. Add the Shea butter and essential oil. Mix well and store on the countertop. Only use a small bit underneath each armpit (less than the size of a dime). I experiment with the measurements and the mixture ends up different each time. If you have very sensitive pits, use less bentonite clay and less baking soda as both of those tend to irritate.

When I started using this My homemade deodorant  recipe, I had found that it worked great even on the days when I would hike 10 miles or more in extreme heat. Now, this is only a deodorant so it won’t keep you dry, but it definitely helps with the smell. Since everyone’s body chemistry is different, you will have to experiment with the measurements to see what works best for you. Enjoy.


Tamara St. John

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