Healing a Horse of Cancer

Healing a Horse of Cancer

I beat Cancer – Equine penile Squamous Cell Carcinoma – with baking soda


By: Renee Richetto Grul – the creative cancer killer


After experiencing trauma in 2008 I was diagnosed with severe PTSD. Knowing trauma and stress were primary catalysts allowing cancer to form in one’s body, I went on a personal mission and crusade to understand, prevent, and cure a cancer I did not yet have, but felt targeted nonetheless. Having recently moved from northern Wisconsin where stellar quality health care seemed to abound to the state of Georgia, we quickly discovered there was much to be desired with their healthcare system.

Often while speaking with family and friends back home I would share my disbelief in witnessing firsthand the epidemic of cancer which seemed to permeate the community and state. Believing I was a sitting duck if not proactive with my health the research started. It was evident soon after the regional diets which consisted predominately of sweet tea, coca cola, pulled pork and fried chicken, were largely responsible for the needless epidemic. This knowledge spurred me on and I was even more determined to find a natural way to prevent “my” cancer and hopefully by the grace of God, share this knowledge with others. There was such faith and resolve it never occurred to me it would not transpire….

In the spring of 2013 our good friends requested I take care of their four newly purchased horses knowing I had worked and cared for many a horse in the past. One of the first items on my list was to hire a Natural Hoof farrier in June of 2013. While trimming Pache who is 15 year old black and white painted QH gelding, the farrier voiced concern over his swollen sheath area. There was a pea sized nodule, the scrotum area was quite enlarged, and he was unable to fully retract his penis up into his body as a male horse naturally should be able to. The farrier suggested to me a vet be called in ASAP as sadly this would be the fourth black and white paint gelding she knew personally in Georgia to succumb to equine penile squamous cell carcinoma.

The farrier explained in the south, fescue grass is primarily what horses graze on but is intended for cattle to put weight on quickly for slaughter and is often genetically modified. Horses have a completely different digestive system and the higher sugar content in the fescue grass ends up in the hind gut and wreaks havoc on the horse’s body in different forms including cancer. Laminitis, she explained, was the most common disorder, especially in the spring and fall when fescue grass had growth spurts and sugar was is at the peak.

Months earlier in my cancer research I happened upon a fascinating article revealing a natural cancer cure on a website called ph kills cancer. A man named Vern was living a normal life (and still is six years later) when he was diagnosed with medically documented stage four prostate cancer. The cancer had spread into his bones and Vern was given little time to live according to his doctors. With no medical background but through research of his own in natural medicine Vern learned of cesium chloride curing cancer and decided he had nothing to lose by ordering some. While awaiting his order he discovered baking soda overall has the same components of cesium chloride and decided to create his own cancer killing protocol. What it boils down to – cancer is unable to survive in a high PH (Alkaline) state or in a highly oxygenated state. Baking soda provides both of these environments. Change the environment, you then change what is able to survive in that environment.

A passionate advocate and believer of using the natural medicinal properties created for our prevention and healing of disease, I knew first-hand the main difference between modern western medicine and natural medicine. Natural medicine dives into the cause and treats the actual issue, whereas modern western physicians typically only treat the SYMPTOMS caused by the actual issue.

On 7/8/13, a veterinarian came to diagnose Pache. Her clinical notes read: “Exam – suspicious area of squamous cell carcinoma at right base of penis/sheath; small pea sized nodule ; area small enough at this time that surgery is a good option, but no guarantee of how long before it returns.; does not seem to be bothering him at this time. If surgery an option, please call for referral to UGA or Auburn.” The cancerous tissue was approx. 1.5 x 3 inches. The vet said if surgery was decided upon they would remove all the cancerous lesions which could include removal of part of the penis. Pache would have medical seeds placed in his sheath area to continue the treatment. She also said the cancer will come back and it will be a long painful illness until the horse is ultimately euthanized.

I shared with the vet I would also like to suggest a promising alternative baking soda treatment to the family. The vet was firm with me first to provide the option of proceeding with the painful expensive surgery – while politely trying not to roll her eyeballs and snort with laughter at my ludicrous suggestion of using baking soda to cure cancer. The family confirmed indeed they did not wish to spend finances on a horse that would eventually perish. But told me to “Go for it!” and give the natural baking soda treatment a try.

After analyzing the situation I decided to take this treatment one step further by creating a baking soda /ACV (apple cider vinegar) paste and applying it to the actual lesions but had not come across that in my research. ACV is the only acid vinegar that turns alkaline in our bodies and is well known for its healing properties, especially unpasteurized ACV with the “mother” in it. The veterinarian informed me if the baking soda paste was used to expect the lesions to get worse before they got better. It would likely act as an abrasion and irritate the cancerous area in the beginning of the treatment.

Each day while feeding the horses I would place cotton balls soaked with hydrogen peroxide on the large lesions for a few minutes. The oxygenated bubbles loosened the scabs which were removed and the baking soda/ACV paste was then applied. One quarter cup each of baking soda and ACV was also placed in Pache’s grain every day. Within two weeks I witnessed what had been a sluggish horse who previously had no desire to look me in the eyes, start to respond. The best part? The swelling of the scrotum was significantly reduced!

Seven weeks later I contacted the veterinarian to come and re-examine Pache. Half way through the treatment period I was fascinated by the positive results and forwarded a few pictures to her. She shared she did not find it necessary to return for a re-exam and suggested I send more pictures. I held my ground and insisted she come for a recheck knowing very well how vital medical documentation is. On 9/10/13 the veterinarian came out and her clinical notes read: “Caretaker has been using alternative treatment (baking soda/apple cider vinegar) for squamous cell carcinoma of the sheath; area is no longer ulcerated and skin is healthy in appearance. Slight thickening where initial area began, but otherwise greatly improved. However there is now another small ulcerative lesion developing dorsal to the original lesion; lesion is only mildly inflamed and recommend to begin treatment on that area with baking soda on that area as well. Surgery is not an option for owner at this time.”

For a few months Pache was doing great and I settled into a comfortable routine of staying on top of the cancer. The typical daily maintenance consisted of allowing the scabs to soak off, remove what was left and allow good blood flow in order to introduce the baking soda directly into the bloody cancer root system which was deep and resembled a tree root. I viewed the daily baking soda/ACV application as a preventative rather than a full blown war on cancer.

The weather started cooling down and to my dismay I noticed Pacheboy’s lesions had come back strong in less than one week’s time. Alarmed I called the same vet again and her clinical notes on 10/25/13 read: Exam: progression of SCC on right side of penis and adjacent sheath over past few days. Today there is swelling of right sheath only and he is much more sensitive to cleaning and handling; first signs of pain since symptoms were documented.”

Not being from the south it had slipped my mind fescue grass creates high amounts of sugar in spring and fall and the horses had been turned out to the fescue laden pasture only the week before so this had to be it. In addition I realized Pache’s daily grain rations consisted of oats and a high quality sweet feed – full of sugar and carbs (which turns into sugar). All grains and treats with sugar and high carbs were immediately withdrawn from his diet, including carrots and apples. I also administered Arnica Montana daily for two weeks in order to naturally reduce discomfort and inflammation. The cancer once again quickly diminished.

One important fact I learned in my personal research is sugar feeds Candida (yeast) which is a fungus in the body. Overloads of Candida are directly related to the formation of cancer (along with autoimmune disorders and fibromyalgia). I knew this was the crucial piece to the puzzle with what was going on with Pache. Thankfully modern medicine is finally recognizing sugar can be a poison and primary catalyst behind cancer and autoimmune diseases.

One other additional thought I had is the state of Georgia is based on acidic red clay, so if a horse is drinking well water, they are drinking water that has been filtered through acidic soil and can furthers a body’s battle of alkalinity vs. acidity. Also I was curious why the genetic disposition of black and white paints leads them to be more susceptible to this type of cancer and hope to learn more as to the reason.

Pache is still doing wonderfully in the spring of 2015. He will present lesions depending on the time of year and the sugar content in the grasses, but it is managed year round with the baking soda/ACV treatment. We all have cancer cells in our body, it is a taking a step back from modern medicine and comprehending from a much simpler standpoint, figuring out what triggers them to become activated and spread – the answer is good nutrition.

One ironic twist to the story…… as a tiny baby I was adopted into a family where we were not allowed to have any pets – not even a goldfish, but yet I had such an insatiable love for animals. As an adult (by then surrounded by many pets) I searched for my birth parents for medical reasons only to discover I came from a family of veterinarians on one side and cowboy ranchers on the other. This God given DNA from my birth families did not fall far from the genetic tree – especially the DNA from Doc Smith.

Author Bio: Renee Richetto Grul – The Creative Cancer Killer

Renee is a retired marketing director turned natural cancer killer after discovering through her own creative means and research, baking soda was able to successfully eradicate cancer in a horse in 2014. She has been informed by veterinary professionals the cancer treatment is the first of its kind in the world. Sharing this life saving information for both animals and humans alike has become Renee’s personal ministry – to save pets and people from their veterinarians and physicians through enlightenment and education.

Renee is from the pristine northern woods of Wisconsin but currently resides in the Atlanta, GA area with her husband and menagerie of animals on their organic hobby farm. She loves to cook for others, is a diehard Green Bay Packers fan, and enjoys bareback trail riding.


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  1. deborah hamer

    I was diagonosed with basil and squamaos skin cancer in March 2017.
    The basil cancer was near the eye area and not as large as the squamous cell c on my lower leg

    I had surgeries
    my leg is still healing but something strange happened before surgery

    The doctors did a large biopsy on my leg and left a large circular open wound until June.
    In the mean time my leg was stinging and buring like a bee sting 24 hr a day. I have a pool and we did not have the chemicals correct and the ph balance was high. I was unaware of this and went swimming two days. The cancer rose up out of my leg as if gasping for breath and formed a tree knot formation at one time. Another time the cancer and flesh rose up out of my skin again after swimming and appeared bright red and like hamburger meat in appearance rising up 1 inch from the leg and forming blisters around the biopsy.
    Later the area went back into my leg. It seemed to be alive. Rising up when I went swimming and then going back down later.
    This was alarming and I took pictures. I truely beleive the cancer was being killed by the high ph levels in the water
    in the pool.
    I had the opereations and the doctors said they removed all cancer successfully.
    I beleive the ph levels in the pool kept the cancer from spreading and maybe killed some of the cancer cells.

    I could have this type of cancer again and if I do I will try the baking soda and apple cider vinegar pastse.
    Thank you for sharing. I am now off of diet sodas, carbs and sugar.

    I will be glad to share my photos of the cancer lesions with you.

    There is something to natural remedies and not taking medication. I had two different doctors give me their opinion and medical advice. The first doctors wanted to do skin graphs on my right leg, take 12 inces off my upper thigh and put on the cancer area after surgery . This doctor also stated the skin graph would take in some areas and not in other areas of the wound after surgery. He said it would take a very long time to heal being the lower leg. This is a well known dermatology office in Gastonia, NC. They treat their patients like numbers and have too many clients and offices. Chaos and unorganization. They were going to preform the operations with one doctor, Dr. Fangman and then have me go outside get in my car and go to another building with open wounds to another doctor to have skin graphs and close the wounds. This doctor was also going to cut part of my eye lid to use on the area under my eye!

    I went to Charlotte, Dr Heniford for a second opinion. She had a much simpler surgery and shorter healing time.
    She operated on my in her office and worked on my face and lower leg the same day. The lower leg had an incision, stapels and stitches. No skin graphs and healing great! I was in their office for 3 hours. None of my eye lid was removed or skin on my upper thigh for a skin graph.

    Get a second opinion always and go to professionals that do this every day.
    I am taking ACV now every morning with tea and honey. I also read that Sour Honey may heal or prevent cancer. What is your take on this?

    I feel like God lead me to your site tonight and you may have stopped other cancers in my body. It is true about what we are putting into our bodies and sugar is a poison. I was addicted to it and out of control. Also addicted to diet coke. My acidity levels were off the charts and sugar levels.
    I was a walking time bomb. Since then I developed pnemonia after surgery and need natural remedies for healing from that. My immune system is shot! I have to build up my immune system quickly and stay on a defense program. Do you recommend anything to help me build my immune system up through natural medicines. I need help and want to get strong. I have ruined my body and immune system with excess sugar intake, diet drinks and carbs. I had cancer and surgery. Now I want to change and would appreciate any suggestions to a quick recovery.

    Thanks again. It takes guts going up against the Goliath in our world. You are a DAVID and we have to help one another keep spreading the word about natural remedies. Our animals and human kind thank you.
    May God bless you and protect you.


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