Glyphosate Linked to Brain Cancer in Kids

Glyphosate Linked to Brain Cancer in Kids

Naturally, a child’s health is important. This is because they are our future. Their children and grandchildren will be the ones to ensure the world keeps spinning. What happens when we put them in harm’s way without even realizing it? There are many dangers that our children face, but some dangers we can work towards eliminating. Glyphosate, which is a harmful chemical in RoundUp has been found to cause brain cancer in children.

Glyphosate and RoundUp

If you live near a farm or have crops of your own, you likely use pesticides to get rid of insects and pests that can damage those crops. RoundUp is one of the most well-known pesticides used all over the country. Glyphosate is the main ingredient in this pesticide, and has been found to cause damage to the health of people all over, especially children. Making sure to eliminate toxins as much as possible and eating healthy, whole, organic foods is one way to keep our children safe.

Parental Exposure

In a study reported by Environmental Health Perspectives, parental exposure to pesticides found in RoundUp was examined and were found to correlate with brain cancer in children. In brain cancer diagnoses of children less than 10 years old, it was found that if either parent was exposed to pesticides 2 years before the child was born, they were more likely to get cancer of the brain. This was done in an interview with the mother and father of the child. Parents who were exposed to toxins were found to have children twice as likely to develop brain cancer.

Glyphosate and Breast Milk

You might also be surprised to hear that mothers can influence the amount of toxins transferred to their children by breast milk. While many assume that breast milk is what keeps your children healthy and growing, it can also be a vehicle for putting chemicals into your child’s body that are known to cause brain cancer. Moms Across America is a group that studied this fact. It was found that the breast milk studied contained a high amount of toxins that would otherwise be considered toxic in Europe.

So, What Do We Do?

Since we want to keep our children safe, it is only natural that we need to get rid of the pesticides that are used in our everyday foods. While it is unlikely Monsanto, the company that produces RoundUp, will give up the ingredient, there are other things you can do to protect yourselves and your children. Eat clean, whole foods that are organic, and do what you can — like growing your own organic food, to rid toxic chemicals from your life.

While many are exposed without even knowing it, it is important to do what you can to keep you and your children safe. If you use RoundUp, you should immediately stop. If you are eating foods that are not organic, you should stop that as well. Eliminating RoundUp might seem impossible, but if we are not supporting the organizations that use it, it will eventually go away.

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