7 Reasons You Should be Eating Jicama

7 Reasons You Should be Eating Jicama

Gaining much popularity in the foodie world, jicama is one of the latest trendy ingredients to make its way into the spotlight. Jicama is a large root vegetable, similar to a yam. The outside skin is brown and very earthy, while its interior is moist and white. Other names for it include Mexican potato and like most other vegetables, its benefits are best gained by eating it raw. Adding just a small amount of jicama to your meals can be quite beneficial to your health. Here are seven reasons that you should be eating jicama.

1. Help Weight Loss

If you need to add something to your diet that won’t add any extra calories or fat, jicama is a great option. This root vegetable is full of nutrients and low in calories. Jicama is a great food because while the calorie count is low, it can help you feel full without eating too much.

2. Better Circulation

The proper function of how blood moves through your body is vital to your health. Disruptions in circulation can lead to anemia or even strokes. Jicama promotes regular blood circulation because it has high amounts of both copper and iron, both necessary minerals for proper blood flow.

3. Stronger Bones

When we think of foods to help increase our bone strength, milk is at the top of the list. However, you can also add jicama to your meals to get stronger bones. While milk can provide calcium, jicama offers even more natural minerals. Copper, magnesium and manganese are all great for not only strengthening your bones but also healing damaged bones.

4. Immune System Boost

Using foods to naturally improve your entire immune system can be done using jicama. The amount of vitamin C found in one serving of jicama is over 33%, which is great for your daily nutrition. This addition of Vitamin C causes your body to create white blood cells, which act as the first line of defense when it comes to fighting illnesses.

5. Digestion

Unfortunately, from time to time, there will be times when your digestive system can’t function normally. This can lead to toxin build up and constipation. As an anti-constipation agent, the fiber inside jicama will help loosen stool and make it easier for your body to expel it.  Jicama’s high amount of fiber can help get your system flowing. The high amount of fiber also helps with the management of body weight and stimulating the body’s metabolism. Jicama is also known to help your system by pulling in any excessive stomach acids, which reduces the chance of heartburn.

6. Heart Health

The benefits of jicama from the heart come from its anti-inflammatory properties. The high fiber content will help delay any buildup of bad cholesterol, which can cause heart blockages. Jicama can help lower blood pressure. The potassium found in jicama can help maintain normal functions of your muscles, the heart being one the most important. There is also a low level of homocysteine, a standard protein that can lead to cardiovascular disease.

7. Better Cognition

Jicama doesn’t only stimulate your body’s natural benefits but it can also help your brain function properly. One of the nutrients found in jicama is vitamin B6. B6 aids cognitive functions, which means  jicama can help you think more clearly and have better understanding. This vitamin also breaks down other protein elements into usable proteins for your body to metabolize and use.


Only the root of jicama is edible. The seed pods, leaves, and vines are highly toxic.

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