4 Major Dangers of Antibiotic Overuse

4 Major Dangers of Antibiotic Overuse

It is alleged that antibiotics saves thousands of people every day. However, overuse of antibiotics has dangerous side effects. Over the past decade, studies have found that using antibiotics to treat nearly every medical issue is beginning to have adverse effects on the health of those who use it. Here are just some of the dangers of antibiotic overuse.

1. Fatal Diarrhea in Children

More than half of children that were given antibiotics for ear, nose and respiratory issues were found to have suffered from C. diff infections. C. diff is an aggressive strain of bacteria that has become antibiotic resistant. Although not all children suffered from C. diff infections in the end, every child was found to be more susceptible to it in a recent study. C. diff can be found in your gut; however, it isn’t supposed to be used by any other part of your body, aside from the ones designated by your immune system. When your body misuses C. diff it has a high chance of causing severe diarrhea. The impact can be so strong, that it’s fatal. Every year approximately 14,000 people (children and adults) die from diarrhea caused by C. difficile.

2. Resistant Bacteria

The process of creating antibiotic resistant bacteria is quite simple. It can either be done by a bacterium’s harvesting the genetic material of dead bacteria that are immune; or it can do it via horizontal gene transfer. Horizontal gene transfer is when bacteria “hug” each other and pass along genetic material. Studies are being conducted to stop these methods of spreading immunity among other bacteria, as it can be spread to bacteria of different types and even belonging to different species. When a bacterium gathers enough antibiotic resistant genetic material, they can become a superbug; a type of bacteria that is very hard to kill.

3. Can Disrupt Gut Flora

Gut flora is colloquially known as the bacteria living in your gut that helps you break down food. Some of the bacteria residing here is very dangerous, but the body generates a natural equilibrium that only helps you. Because antibiotics are designed to kill bacteria, it tends to kill helpful bacteria as well. Think of it like  an atom bomb, it destroys everything in its path. In times of serious infection, prescribed antibiotics can kill good bacteria, only leaving those immune to antibiotics. This upsets the digestive system and can cause issues such as C. diff diarrhea infections, and the inability of your body to absorb vitamins and minerals.

4. Decision Fatigue

Doctors work long hours without rest or sleep. Their work schedule is infamous and medical students around the world are constantly tested to ensure that they can handle this stressful profession. Among other things, such as the exploitative prescription health market, antibiotics are too freely prescribed by doctors for different reasons; one of them is decision fatigue. This happens because doctors can only spend, on average, eight minutes with each patient. In other words, they can’t spend enough time with a patient to accurately diagnose them. This leads to simply prescribing an antibiotic and sending the patient on their way.

Natural Antibiotics

Over the centuries, humans have found many ways to treat common illnesses without relying on complicated medicine. With natural antibiotics, your body is simply using the natural processes that are fired when it begins to break down food. Raw garlic has powerful antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal properties. Oregano is another bacterium fighting herb. It has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, and antiparasitic properties, and has been used for thousands of years. Lastly, we have Colloidal Silver. Albeit not an herbal remedy, colloidal silver has immune boosting and antiviral properties.


The remedies listed above are only a few available alternatives to prescribed antibiotics. Other foods that are high in probiotics are: apple cider vinegar, kombucha tea, coconut water and kefir, goat’s milk yogurt or kefir, and amasai. Studies have also found that daily moderate exercise boosts your immune system. This combination will help lead to a healthy life, while limiting your need for antibiotics.


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