Dangerous Effects of Fluorine on Your Health

Dangerous Effects of Fluorine on Your Health

The word ‘fluorine’ immediately creates thoughts of minty toothpaste and other dental products. But you can find the chemical compounds in other places, too. Because it’s widespread, the exposure rate to fluorine is quite high and also fairly unavoidable. Despite some positive benefits, there is a host of more dangerous side effects that come with using or exposure to fluoride. Knowing how much to use or how to avoid it can help protect your health. Here are a few of the dangers associated with regular fluorine exposure or use.

Lowered Fertility Rates

Sexual health is also affected by the amount of fluorine introduced into the body. In females, the chemicals that cause puberty are released earlier causing faster physical development. However, both males and females see adverse fertility effects as a result of high fluorine levels. In both situations, there is a lowered production of the reproductive hormones estrogen and testosterone.

Bad for Heart Health

Protecting your heart health is a vital part of a good lifestyle. Unfortunately, brushing your teeth or drinking water can increase your risk of heart disease because of fluoride. Excessive amounts of fluoride can increase blood pressure as well as cause the development of cardiovascular inflammation.

Toxin Build Up

Because of the various methods, your body is exposed to fluoride—it will collect inside your organs. A healthy kidney will remove about half of your daily exposure. What fluoride isn’t forced out will collect in your blood, pineal gland, and bones.

Cognitive Impairment

Whenever you introduce chemicals into your body, there is a chance for negative effects. Fluoride, for example, is meant to keep water cleaner but can actually harm your brain functions. Children’s brains, especially, can suffer from delayed development.

Bone Damage

Fluoride, ingested over time, weakens bones. A weakened skeletal system can give way to such conditions as bone cancer and arthritis. The latter is a result of fluoride triggering the hardening of cartilage, the tissue that allows for flexible movement.

Cancer Risk

Researchers have not found a direct correlation between cancer and fluorine use, but the risk is still there. One of the more common results from multiple studies is that males, human, and animals are more susceptible to an increased cancer risk than their female counterparts.

Kidney Disease

Our kidneys are meant to filter out toxins or other byproducts that have no benefit to our bodies. Fluorine does have some beneficial properties but after those are extracted, we need the remaining chemicals flushed out. Unfortunately, fluorine is actually toxic to kidneys and can cause higher rates of kidney disease. With the exposure from dental products and the fluorine used to treat water, even children are at risk of possible renal failure.

Thyroid Conditions

The thyroid is responsible for releasing multiple hormones in your body, ranging from growth to temperature regulation. When combined with fluorine, this can cause a malfunction in the thyroid gland. Fluorine is known to cause cell death in the thyroid which can lead to hypothyroidism.

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