7 Reasons Counterfeit Drugs May Be Harmful To Your Health

7 Reasons Counterfeit Drugs May be Harmful to Your Health

When you buy medicine, you expect it to treat the symptoms that made you go get it. If you want headache relief, that’s what you’re shopping for. What you might not expect is that you’ll find toxic replacements. From lead to boric acid, there are all sorts of unintended and extremely dangerous ingredients in counterfeit medicines. To avoid this, you can choose better, more natural options to relieve your ailments. Natural or alternative medicines can provide the same relief but without the risk of harmful side effects. Here are seven reasons that counterfeit drugs can be damaging to your body and health.

1. They Have More Than You Asked For

The ingredients of normal, regulated drugs are monitored and tracked so that you can read the label and know what you’re ingesting. However, this cannot be said for counterfeit drugs. One of the major components that often ends up in counterfeit medicine is pesticide.  This is due to the fact that the places producing the fake products are unsanitary. Besides pesticides, counterfeit medicines can contain floor wax, rat poison and even lead paint. Lead paint has been documented to be fatal to humans once ingested—especially in children.

2. They’re One Size Fits All

When you visit your doctor and explain your ailments, you’ll likely get grouped with several other people who are experiencing the same things that you are. But because we’re all different, the same conditions or symptoms will have different effects on us. Counterfeit medicines do not address our individuality.

3. You Can’t Trace Their Sources

One of the most frightening aspects of counterfeit or otherwise illegal drugs is that you can’t really learn where they were made. These days, there are hundreds of websites offering cheaper, supposedly-authentic medicine. Despite the vigilance of police departments around the globe, it’s increasingly difficult to tell the difference between real and fake sites.

4. They Only Focus On One Part Of The Body 

Counterfeit medicines are designed to match a treatment to an illness. And because they were made specifically to profit off scams, the intention is not healing. Alternative care does the opposite. Rather than viewing the illness as the primary focus, it’s the person who is ill who is the center of attention. Natural remedies and healing techniques seek to help you recover from all aspects of your life, not just the physical.

5. They Don’t Help You Heal

Because the medicines are fake, you will not get the effective treatments that you’re expecting to help you recover. The pills usually lack the proper dosage of the required active ingredient for a medicine. While someone might continue to take the pills, it won’t be of any benefit. There is also another extremely harmful effect to the incorrect ingredients. While the amount of ingredients is lower than needed, through continued use, it can lead to a resistance to the drug in the body. That means you would continually need to increase the dosage or change to another medicine to get any effect whatsoever.

6. They Don’t Treat Pain

One of the most common reasons why people turn to medicines, alternative or not, is because they are experiencing pain somewhere on their bodies. Whether it’s a toothache or something more serious like a migraine, we use medicines to help our bodies feel better. But counterfeit medicines don’t contribute to this. If you’re dealing with chronic pain and taking a fake prescription, you will continue to suffer. Alternatively, you could try more natural treatments like massage therapy or even acupuncture to get relief.

7. They Don’t Really Offer A Variety Of Treatment Options

Pills are not the only way to heal or treat illnesses. Because counterfeit medicines seem authentic, it’s easy to reach for them. Natural healing methods can address a host of various conditions. Every patient will react different, of course, but there are several great options. From cancer care to mental health provisions, alternative therapies can address what’s really bothering you. Counterfeit medicines are used as a wide-net meant to half-heartedly treat your symptoms. Alternative healthcare can target what ails you, where and with the necessary therapies to maintain your wellness.

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