Cancer Therapies

There are currently over 300 alternative methods that have been attributed to healing cancer naturally.  I will be focusing on the four therapies that I used successfully to heal myself of breast cancer.  There are more remedies that I utilized in my book, “Defeat Cancer Now.” 


1. The Budwig Protocol: The Budwig Protocol was discovered by Dr. Johanna Budwig; a German biochemist, back in the 1950’s.  It is reported that she had “cured” thousands of cancer patients with her method after they had been sent home to die from the traditional doctors.  Johanna Budwig had discovered that cancer is caused by a deficiency of good fats and that it can be reversed by infusing the cancer cell with oxygen and correcting the nutritional deficiencies.   The Budwig protocol consists of mixing together lowfat cottage cheese and flax oil in a 2 to 1 ratio.  Make sure the lowfat cottage cheese is from milk from cows not treated with the growth hormone rbst/rbgh.  You will need a hand held blender to throughly mix the cottage cheese and flax oil so they are emulsified as one.  The blended combination of the cottage cheese and flax oil creates a sulphurated protein which is easily assimilated through the protein layer of the cancer cell wall.  This sulphurated protein infuses the cancer cell with oxygen, thereby reversing the cancer naturally.

2. Laetrile Therapy: Apricot Kernels are the main source of Laetrile; also known as Vitamin B-17.  This was banned by the F.D.A. in the 1970’s because they stated that it was dangerous because it contained hydrogen cyanide.  However, the hydrogen cyanide is safe when used in proper amounts.  When I had cancer, I used one apricot kernel per 10 lbs of body weight.  So, if you weigh 100 lbs, you should take no more than 10 kernels at a time.  The apricot pits are a very hard shell and must be cracked open to get to the kernel inside.  I would put the apricot pits in a zip type plastic sandwich bag and hit them with a hammer to break them open.  Then you must seperate the hard shells from the actual apricot kernels.  The apricot kernels are very bitter and are easier to take if you grind them in a coffee grinder and mix them in some applesauce.

​Due to the FDA regulations that banned apricot kernels back in the 1970’s, I am not allowed to tell you where you can get apricot kernels or profit from the sale of apricot kernels.  There is definitely a reason why the government doesn’t want you to get your hands on these because you may heal yourself and rob the pharmaceutical companies of enormous profits.  I do not profit from the sale of apricot kernels and I am sure that you are intelligent enough to realize that you can buy apricots at any grocery store or apricot farm.  I am certainly not telling you what to do but as a suggestion, you can always email the apricot farm and ask if they sell apricot pits.

​3.Enzyme Therapy:  Enzyme therapy has to do with feeding the body certain enzymes that break down the protein layer of the cancer cell wall so you can get oxygen into the cancer cell and reverse the cancer.  Bromelain is a pancreatic enzyme that breaks down protein in the body.  Bromelain is found naturally in pineapple.  In order for enzyme therapy to be the most effective, you need to stop eating meats.  If you are eating meats, then your pancreatic enzymes are busy breaking down the protein from your latest meal and will not work on the protein layer of the cancer cell.  Eat pineapple before doing the Budwig Protocol, Laetrile therapy, or Juicing Greens.  This will ensure that your protein layer of the cancer cell wall is broken down and the oxygen rich nutrients can get into the cancer cell to reverse your cancer.

​4. Juicing Greens: You will need a high powered juicer or blender for this protocol.  The high powered blenders that work best are a Vita Mix or Blendtec.  The best Juicers are the Hurom and Breville.  You can find great video comparisons on youtube to help you decide which is best for your needs. You will be juicing greens like kale, spinach, wheatgrass, cucumber, celery, romaine.

​If you suffer from hypothyroid, you should stay away from raw kale, spinach, bok  choy, broccoli, parsley, arugula, alfalfa sprouts, and other goitrogenic foods.  However, feel free to utilize any of the other greens to alkalize your body.  All of these greens will help to alkalize your body, which will increase the oxygen in your cells.  Cancer cannot live in an oxygenated environment, so in order to reverse cancer, you must alkalize the body.

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  1. Kendra

    My mom was diagnosed with a leiomyosarcoma in her breast two months ago and has changed her diet and tried essiac tea, budwig diet and has begun jucing carrots and after 3 rounds of chemo her white cells dipped so low she could not continue. Her tumor has gone from 19cm and doubled in size. I want to get her help whether it be an alternative cancer center or sarcoma center. Nothing seems to be working and I’m not ready to call it quits on helping her yet

    • Lori

      Tamara, tells us in her book that the budwig is not compatible with chemo. I am not a doctor, but in my research, I have found that an all vegan diet is going to be the best approach if she is going to continue western medicine. Tamara, also states several times that chemo and radiation will cause cancer to be more malignant. Your best bet is going to be get Tamara’s book and follow I=the budwig as it is meant to be done. You can’t just throw together a host of alternative treatments and not what is compatible. You will do more harm than good, the best solution for your mom is going to be first of, get rid of all sugar, being sugar is the cancers fuel source. Then all raw vegan, rather it is in juicing or what ever means that is the fuel source for the immune system. Get rid of all toxins, clean with white vinegar add some essential oils if you can’t stand the smell. Make sure l the food she eats is organic, non-GMO. Tamara has an artice on what she ate when she had cancer. That is a good start other than the budwig being it is not compatible with several things. If used wrong it can be deadly, as Tamara shares in her book. Prayer is a must, trust in the Lord’s healing. Hope this helps

  2. Carmen

    if you can’t get a hold of organic cottage cheese or it’s too expensive. If you do live near the border, drive up to canada and buy some cottage cheese! Doesn’t matter if it’s organic or regular. It’s completely free of growth hormones. So I’ll be buying flax seed oil and i’m thinking cottage cheese as well. So it’s two tablespoons of cottage cheese to one tablespoon of flax seed oil. Got it. Since the stupid payapa and pineapples are so damned expensive, I went to the next best method and got digestive enzymes Since bok choy is techically a staple in our home. I’ll stick to buying that. Too bad i can’t get a hold of the organic version. Or wait, I’ll drop by whole foods and see if they have any.

  3. I am so happy that you pulled through your breast cancer. It must had been awful to suffer this horrible disease. Is it true that apricot seeds, apple seeds, and two tablespoons of cottage cheese with a tablespoon of flax seed oil cures cancer. What age were you when you had the breast cancer in 2009? You were very brave to fight this awful disease and even complete your MBA, while you were ill. Congratulations, Tamara!

  4. Wezi Sunkutu

    Thank you for sharing your story and also on guiding us on God’s pharmacy. Learning something new already, as a medical doctor, I never heard of B17 and so I am now reading extensively on it and other things you have shared. This word needsearch to go out, we are losing too many people to cancer even here in the developing countries now.

    Keep the fire burning!!
    Wezi Patrick Sunkutu (M.D)

  5. Sara Jane

    I have a question?
    Can I take the pineapple right before I do the budwig protocol to help break down the fibrin wall around the tumor or should I take it on an empty stomach & wait 30 minutes to 1 hour before doing the budwig

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