5 Fathomable Reasons Conventional Doctors Snub Alternative Medicine

5 Fathomable Reasons Conventional Doctors Snub Alternative Medicine

After patients are shown alternative medicine and how well it can work for them, they might be wondering why their doctor has not brought the methods to their attention. Many conventional doctors discredit alternative medicine largely because they do not understand it. These are some reasons that there are so many misconceptions about alternative medicine.

Departmentalized Teaching

Medical school students are taught that the body is not treated as one entire entity but each part is taught totally independent from the others. Attaching a label is much easier and then the patient will receive a prescription that addresses the specific issue rather than working with the doctor to understand a more complex reason as to why they might be sick. Billing for insurance and medical record keeping requires doctors abide by the organ classification.

Discouraging Freethinking

Many times in medical school, students are encouraged to adopt the wisdom of their teacher, and to approach their test by repeating what they have learned through textbooks. Numerous students do not practice freethinking, as they have been guided to follow the philosophy given to them from there authorities. This creates a cycle that is difficult to break, and even the mere thought of practicing in a way that is opposite to what they were taught brings on cognitive dissonance that makes the practice of alternative medicine impossible to even consider.


When entering the workforce from medical school, students will find themselves in a world that will financially reward them for interventions that treat symptoms. There is not a financial reward for them if they choose to take the time to correct nutritional deficiencies or prevent illness that could be causing the condition of the patient. Not only that, but at least 7 out of 10 people are on prescriptions and it’s no secret that the pharmaceutical industry provides incentives for doctors to use their prescriptions.

Not Enough Time to Research

It’s an understatement to say that becoming a doctor is an incredible undertaking. The studying, testing, and working nonstop is quite a marathon and those who do finish the race do so through determination, and intelligence. Because of the high demands put on doctors by the never ending cycle of people being sick or needing care, continuing education is limited and often only consists of events that are sponsored or put together by pharmaceutical companies. This limited professional growth ensures that doctors stay inside of the conventional system and does not allow them to expand their knowledge much into the realm of alternative medicine.

Nutrition as an Afterthought

Nutrition is often ignored because medical school focuses on teaching the small details of diagnosing and administering medicine due to the outstanding profitability of the system. It is said that doctors study nutrition for just a few days in the entirety of the degree that takes years to complete. More recently, conventional doctors are becoming aware of the importance of nutrition in relation to overall health, and patients have even started to question the relationship between their diagnosis and nutrition.

These are all legitimate reasons as to why conventional doctors do not entertain the idea of alternative medicine, and it makes a lot of sense. There is very little incentive to study outside of the realm that they know; however, some doctors do understand the limits of conventional medicine and are incorporating forms of alternative medicine into their practices.


  1. I totally agree that one reason why conventional doctors fail or chose not to tell patients about alternative medicine is because they themselves don’t fully understand the practice. Some even consider it quakery which is a sad truth.

    The Hippocratic oath for doctors says “First, do no harm”. In my opinion, failing to acknowledge alternative medicine is a violation of this oath.

    If only conventional doctors will work hand in hand with doctors who practice alternative medicine such as Naturopaths, the world will be a better place.

    • I agree with you. I also see many doctors violating the Hippocratic oath constantly with their lack of care which causes more harm to some patients. I have personally been to over 20 doctors and they were all horrible, including the NDs, DCs, integrative, and MDs.

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