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My Cancer Story…


tamaraAfter discovering that I had breast cancer in 2009 and being without health insurance, I was left with two options; alternative medicine or death.  This site is dedicated to my quest and how I healed myself of cancer using only alternative and natural treatments. I did NOT have surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation.

​I am dedicated  to helping people learn about alternative methods to healing disease without the use of drugs or surgery.  I am passionate about helping people achieve Optimum Health through God’s Pharmacy.

​My name is Tamara St. John; I have an M.B.A. with a dual concentration in Accounting and Finance.  I am a Bestselling Author and an adjunct professor of Accounting and Finance at two Universities in Southern California.

My Bestselling book; “Defeat Cancer Now” tells my story, the alternative treatments I used, how the cancer cell works, and how cancer can be reversed naturally.  You can find my full Cancer story in my “Defeat Cancer Now” book; on sale now.


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